Friday, March 02, 2007

Yes, yes, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Whatev. Like you care anyway.

But to make up for it, some gifts:

1. My beastly reporting on the Endangered Species Act.

2. Ira Glass talking about storytelling. If you don't know who Ira Glass is then a) you are like me circa January 2007 and b) visit the site for This American Life and start catching up.

3. This photo.


rt said...

uhm, NONE of those things involve spending lavish amounts of money on me, so I certainly disagree with tagging this post with the word "gifts." Anyway, welcome back to the blogosphere, Mr. Lazarus. (That's a biblical refernce, btw.) Also, are you going to India? I saw a "class note" in the Fall '06 issue of the alumni magazine that said as much.

Anjali said...

Two of your gifts have left me fairly depressed about the state of animal affairs, but I do love me some Ira Glass, so thank you. Amusingly enough (probably to you anyway), I was first introduced to TAL by Mr. Ort who made me listen to "Act V", maybe my favorite broadcast ever.

Also, I think you clearly need to work on making your blatantly sardonic e-mails even more blatant, as otherwise it leads to whole classfulls of companions (including, possibly, Rachel, but I can't tell if she is being sardonic or's a widespread problem) mistakenly thinking you are travelling to foreign countries for eleemosynary purposes.

Barrett said...

act v was a great show. if you need more recommendations let me know. i'm an addict now. i've been downloading the background music they use and now have a "this american life" playlist. i'm sick. but it's also where i found bexar bexar.