Friday, February 09, 2007

A new conversation

CR: Do you remember when I asked you to wash the bathroom mats two weeks ago?
Me: Yes.
CR: Have you?
Me: No. I haven't had to do my laundry yet.

This is a lie. I did my laundry last week. But I take my laundry out and didn't want scuzzy bath mats mixed in with my clothes, and I didn't have faith that the laundromat would separate them even if I asked.

CR: Well it should be easy to do.
Me: When are you doing yours?
CR: Maybe this week.
Me: If you do yours before mine, could you wash the bath mats?

A pause. Pauses are always bad.

CR: No.
Me: Why not.
CR: It's your responsibility.

My apartment is like boot camp.

Me: I feel like you're training me, or trying to at least.
CR: Name the last time I told you to do something.
Me: Last week when you told not to get so much water on the bath mats.

I wish there were a punch line, but it really just goes on like this for a while.

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