Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 Resolutions

1. Sleep more regular hours. Ideally midnight to eight. The idea is to wake up earlier.

2. Drink less. Nothing radical, but I'm cutting back on the mid-week beer.

3. Don't be an energy suck. Add energy to a room. Be excited to be wherever you are.

4. No more sidewalk rage. In California, I was an enraged driver. Walking has replaced driving here. Slow-walkers, weavers, stallers - I hate them all. No more.

5. Say "sorry" more.

6. Don't be lazy. Write, create, plan, organize, enjoy - those are fine verbs. TV, internet procrastination - less of that.

7. Become an Elite Yelper. I love the website and think it's a good way to proactively explore what the city has to offer.

I think 7 will go unfulfilled. 1-4 and 6 are the kinds of resolutions I will progress on for a while, but will forget by April. 5 I think I can do - I'm a pretty polite guy as it is.