Thursday, June 21, 2007

Juxtapositions of Persons

What to say? I've been here, done that, reported this, catalogued that. A visit with the police, a lineup of unfamiliar faces, so the subway bandit remains at large. Learned that the Filipinos are into heroin, the Moroccans into cat, the latter being (apparently) a new hallucinogen. Saw dolphins surfing waves in North Carolina, tried to swim out to greet my flippered brethren, lost them amid the foamy breaks. At a beach bonfire, I got near-naked and posed with a shovel. (Check Facebook for evidence.) I helmed a sailboat, submarined the nose, almost flipped us ass-over-end. Played lots of frisbee and bought a yo-yo. Back home, I bought a desk, filled it with shaped wood pulp, a.k.a. books and magazines. The parents come on Saturday, so I need a room filled with the trappings of modern convenience to convince them that I'm living a real life.

A week away reawakened wanderlust, got a pining for Southeast Asia and/or Africa, but the latter is getting a bit cliche. Looking ahead to three months of intensive(?) work on Fareed's opus, we'll see how it goes.

Your lover,



Anjali said...

your life sounds amazing. also you are amazing. i will have to check out cat. i do not appreciate that you have apparently detagged yourself from the disturbing sounding shovel picture and i don't actually feel like abusing my facebook superpowers to spy on you. southeast asia is more cliche than africa.

Barrett said...

really? africa is everywhere these days. i may have detagged the facebook shovel photo, but i think it never got tagged in the first place, because i was not (yet) friends with the photo uploader. therein lie the intricacies of facebook.