Monday, January 08, 2007

My second-to-most recent opus, this time on beer. In the magazine it has a pleasant-looking photo of the Utopias and other beers, but the virtual version is virtually bare-bones.

There's a more recent piece about Thermoses, but, well, it's about Thermoses. I value your time enough to not waste it with this trifle.

I have a strange niche writing about liquid and liquid-related products. I aim to break it soon. At lunch, a senior editor joked about sending me to Iraq. I got a little shiver of joy, even though I knew he was kidding.

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Anjali said...

Wow, you've made me crave beer. I hope you realize that is no small feat. I almost even craved a vacuum-insulated thermos, but then I got depressed about the fact that I didn't have a Porsche to put it into.

Anyway, I'm proud of you and all your wonderful opuses, liquid-related or not.