Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who To Hate
A New Feature

In a new semi-regular feature, I reveal the sheer idiocy of our media-obsessed culture and narrow in on a particularly deserving twatwaffle.

Today's winner: Amanda Sanders, a "New York-based celebrity image consultant."

I know what you're thinking: Doesn't her title alone qualify her as one of the twatwaffliest sleazemongers ever? Well, yes. But it goes further.

In an LAT article on Britney Spears' crotch, the reporter asks Ms. Sanders to chime in on Britney's party-girl antics with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and other Empresses of Vapidity.
"She's a beautiful girl and now that she's single and she's having fun, I think she's just trying to express herself. Unfortunately, it's the wrong message that's coming across. And the shame is she was really such a role model."
Kinda makes you want to declare jihad, doesn't it?

1 comment:

rt said...

ummm, i am not a fan of a any feature focusing on "hate." can you call it, "of whom to think poorly?"

this post lead me to hunt down those pictures of BS's business, and I must say, they are likely photoshopped. very disappointing, and now i have "dirty celeb photos" cookied into my computer's hard drive.