Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Words

I came up with a new word: hipstorian. Defined as either a history professor that listens to Yo La Tengo and Le Tigre or a chronicler of the history of hip, a Chuck Klosterman with a bit more of a backward perspective.

I coined the word while trying to come up with a way to describe Ecuadorian hipsters, a bipedal subspecies that Sarah discovered in the Andes. I eventually decided on ecua-hipsters, shortened to and pronounced like equipsters.

And, under the heading of "conversations with Josh" (kind of like "Travels with Charlie"):

josh: so i shamelessly used your joke last night at a bar following my improv practice, telling the assembled improvisers that my new favorite noun was "twatwaffle." red-headed courtney laughed so hard that she was this close to having beer shoot out her nose.
me: congrats on beer-nostrillating the poor young thing. she's a redhead, she deserves it.

Which is funny, because Alisa is now a redhead too. Sorta.


alisa said...

barrett is a true neologist! i like it. maybe the author of hipster haiku will use it in version 2.0 of that book.

but i'm not a redhead. clearly, you must suffer from deuteranopia.

Barrett said...

But didn't the stylist give you a reddish tint? Or am I an achromatopsiac (colorblind)?

Hipstorian said...

Actually, Barrett, I think Barry "Plunker" Adams coined it a looooong time ago. At a Rainbow Family thang or something like that. He showed up at the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary fete a few weeks back here in SF... xo Hipstorian-at-Large