Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jews vs. Asians

A story in NYT about curbside bus operators, including the turf wars between two Hasidic companies and their Chinatown counterparts. The Jews are fighting each other in court, one arguing that the other infringes on its route. The most interesting part:

"Whatever the legal outcome, the dispute pales in scope and ferocity to past battles in the curbside-pickup bus industry. In 2003, a struggle for control of a Chinatown bus line led one employee to fatally stab another, the police said.

"The following year, the authorities were investigating links between the infiltration of Asian organized crime into the growing industry and as many as three murders."

Who knew that when taking the Chinatown bus, I risked not only fiery-auto-accident death but also vicious-Mafia-stabbing death?

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