Friday, August 11, 2006

The New York Times has thrown its weight behind the state dirt movement. New Jersey wants the sandy loam, a name which conjures images of seaside idylls or grazing cattle. I think California would stand to benefit from claiming the polished, grooved slickenside soil.

The movement has its critics, but the Times editorialists, cogent as ever, rebuff them:

"There are two excellent reasons to encourage this sort of thing. One is that although legislatures do indeed have many more important things to do, experience shows they’re probably not going to do them."

In other news, I am officially a movie star.


rt said...

welcome to what some a-holes (the nytimes included) have called "the blogosphere." does the period go in the comma marks, or outside?

Barrett said...

Americans prefer to stick it inside, and Europeans like to leave it out. I usually side with Americans, except in the case of commas and one-word quotations (because it looks weird ending like "this.").